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Description of Glamping Units
The tipi at this glamping site in central Portugal is a lovely choice for travelling couples. It’s quite romantic with a queen-size bed positioned low to the stone floor, cozy rugs, and equally low tables. Staying in a tipi is a very unique experience, and it’s one that makes it difficult not to connect with the stunning surroundings. This site’s tipi is a traditional North American tipi with 17 poles in its framework. Glampers can choose whether or not to open flaps at the top to let air flow through or to simply sit back and watch the stars at night. In addition to the queen-size bed, there are two sofa beds for smaller children. The site’s owners recommend that no more than two adults and two small children stay in the tipi in order to keep things comfortable. Located in a shady spot, the tipi feels peaceful and secluded. While there is no electricity in the tipi, it is equipped with solar lighting and a cooler. Outside of the tipi, there is a kitchen area, lounging chairs, and a picnic table. Bedding and towels will be provided. Finally, shared bathroom facilities are located nearby.
The tipi is available from May to early October.

Location + Surroundings
This charming glamping site in Portugal is placed within the abundant green forests of central Portugal. More specifically, it’s just south of Coimbra, near Penela. It’s about two hours driving from the airports in both Porto and Lisbon.

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